Taipei Bound, No Chinese, How To Find The "Josh Dent" Sign

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Taiwan Airport Pickup

I had arrive at the Taiwan airport after a 15 hour flight in still a bit of a daze. It was all fun and games before I left saying I would have no problem communicating without knowing the language.

That airplane was my last bit of comfort I had left before I got to Taiwan.

After climbing some insurmountable obstacles already, I still had one more to go. That was to find the one person in a Taiwan airport looking for Josh Dent.

In retrospect, it was all pretty minor stuff I went through so far. I was still on a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I always think of customs as the scariest place in the world for some unknown reason.

Operation Get Bags

I did actually bring two small bags with me that I had to check in. It was totally against my nature. But, I thought I would do it since I expected to get an apartment fairly quickly.

With roughly 600 people on the gigantic aircraft I flew in on, this actually made for my first bit of interesting culture shock. It was almost like a little game that you had to play to retrieve your bags.

It took me a few minutes to get the hang of it. But, the row of people was about 3 to 4 deep. That meant the person nearest the conveyor belt had to retrieve bags for the people behind them.

I was in the front. Many of the people used it as their attempt to practice English as I retrieved for them. I also heard some bizarre grunting noises.

I was just thinking to myself about what would happen if my bags didn’t make it. Luckily, my stuff wasn’t very valuable. I probably would have just let it go to be honest.

Josh Dent Sign

After I got my bags, I still had one more funny little trick to perform. I had to find the person from Shane English school holding a Josh Dent sign.

From an outside perspective, does that sound simple? I thought it would be pretty easy.

I am not sure why I thought so considering I didn’t have an age, description, sex, etc. of the driver.

That was when I grabbed my bag and headed to the ground transportation area. I had a pretty blank state of emotion at that point. I was pretty tired. But, I pretty much didn’t care anymore if I found the sign.

I was surprised how excited I got once I did walk into the Taiwanese sea of people waiting to pick up their loved ones at the airport.

It was hard not to get excited. The kids and the family members were practically jumping up and down as each person came through the line.

It kind of actually made me feel like I was living out the dream I had since I was 7 of winning the Super Bowl for the Redskins.

After 3 walks up and down the barricades, I finally found “The Josh Dent” sign.

We greeted each other with some very awkward Hello’s. From there, I knew had successfully mounted myself through a very bizarre set of circumstances to arrive in Taiwan for night one.

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