Celebrating One Year in “The Taiwan”

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One year down in “The Taiwan!”

I miss every one of you fuckers! ha ha..

When I left America, I thought I would be the “king of cram schools,” by the end of my first 3 months.

Cram schools are the name of the schools that teachers work at here.

I also thought I was going to have tons of Taiwanese girls begging to learn English from “The Joshie.”

Why did I think I was going to propel myself into such a heightened state of economic and social prowess?

You may ask.

This was mainly because I met some dude with lots of good stuff to say about Taiwan.

I met him on a “Learn Chinese” meetup group that I mistakenly clicked on once

I never went to one of their “Learn Chinese” meetups.

But, this random dude happened to live in Taiwan for 10 years.

He told me that he and his wife used to walk to the bank with bags of an equivalent of thousands of US dollars in cash every day.

I thought, “Well, I can do the same thing.”

And besides, no complete stranger that you know absolutely nothing about besides an article he published on about.com would ever fabricate the truth? Right? ha ha

When is the last time I mentioned I can be a complete dumb-ass at times?

Well, 3 months into my first teaching job, I was counting down the days until I could quit that English slaughter house.

The good news is “Teacher Joshie” has met lots of Taiwanese girls.

But, let’s just say they’re not exactly lining up around the corner waiting for me.

However, my one year stint has still been a wild ride to say the least.

I have had adventures ranging from getting a job offer from an 8 year old kid, to clogging the shitter at my school while getting the attention of an entire hallway full of Taiwanese kids.

I have sat in a Filipino church and told the priest when asked “Why are you here?”, “Girls, Father, Sexy Girls.”

I have even attempted a runaway stint to work in the Philipinnes as a writer for Sexymandarin.com

I have stood on top of tables in front of 45 Senior High students and told stories about bak-ing like a chicken.

I have snuck in the back entrance of sex motels.

I have sung karaoke in a Filipino bar.

The list could go on for days.

None of it has a God Damn thing to do about money.

And, I am actually much worse off financially then when I left.

But, I am still content with my progress.

“The Josh Dent” vision in one sentence or less is about being a dude with a hell of a lot of stories to tell when I am sitting on a park bench when I am 80 years old.

I want some 20 year old kid to walk away from “my park bench” and think Holy Shit,

I hope I get to do half the shit that guy did.

The only missing part of this story is the hot chick to share along in these experiences.

Mainly, she just needs to be nice enough to put up with my shit, and hopefully with a smile.Image


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