“Could you be pissed off in Paradise?”

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By Joshua Dent

I realized the real challenge in life is not creating the life you want. But, it is maintaining the highest level of acceptance, gratitude, and motivation for the live “you have.”

Every person I have ever met that is associated with the “Dent Family Tree” wants to live on an island. This never comes more apparent than during the winter.

This ideological idea was never  more firmly implanted in my head forever roughly 10 years ago. I hadn’t  seen my older brother Ryan in probably 3 years.

He had been in San Diego, and he came out of the back room of his tiny beach-side two bedroom apartment with bleached blonde dreadlocks down to his ass practically, blasting Costa Rican reggae music.

I was quite confused to his absurd excitement of the fact that he just took a nap.

And after he popped his mouth with red vines, he proceeded to vividly detail how he is going to live in Costa Rica next year.

This was no different than any other Dent family interaction. We have always had this exact same dream of simplicity and eternal happiness.

The Dent family consists of an eclectic mix of CEO’s of SEO startups, independently wealthy businessmen, and even people that made a career as an athletic trainer in MLB, and I discovered yesterday that I had achieved what EVERY one of them would probably kill for.

I was walking into work on a Tuesday afternoon wearing a bathing suit, and flip flops on an 80 degree January afternoon on a tropical island to play sticky ball with 9 year olds, and sing songs about “stinky tofu.” It couldn’t POSSIBLY get any easier.

So, when I realized I actively had the balls to surpass what every single person in our family proclaimed to truly want and I was still having these nagging feelings of darkness and solitude.  I conceptualized that anybody can dream up a life that they feel they want.

The challenge and the fun comes once “you’re there,” by continuing to elevate yourself in every area.Image


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