List of Facebook Job-Seeker Groups And ESL Information in Taiwan

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By Joshua Dent

“Facebook job-seeker groups” are becoming an excellent way to get that next job. The groups are all extremely easy to join and usually run by genuinely friendly and caring people.

Fear no longer if whiny kids, re-inventing sticky ball for the 783rd time, and never-ending unpaid lesson planning has got you singing “The Taiwan” blues.

One of these groups is sure to help you land a better quality of life.

Jobs in Taiwan Stuff

Working in Taiwan- With 3980 members, you can find anything from job postings, to people selling random stuff. It’s not necessarily a solely dedicated to finding work group. But, the sheer quantity of people should give you a chance to connect with someone.

Reach to Teach-– This is a recruiting agency with an outstanding reputation. In my opinion, they are more useful if you are looking to secure a job before you actually arrive in Taiwan.

Need a sub or Want to Sub in Taiwan-  We all know subbing is the best paid gig out there. You walk in the class, play your best games, and you get to leave the kids for good after they only see your best material. Let the little suckers think you are just “that good” every day before they get a chance too see you when you are beating your head off the desk 5 minutes before class scrambling for one more game.  This is also a guilt-free way to bail on your job for the day.

Taiwan English Teacher Job Openings  The 3 page advertisements on from the big schools like American Eagle, Hess, Shane, and Kid Castle can be a bit nauseating.  They tell miraculous tales of 16 year old kids skipping into your 3 hour Saturday night class bringing you chocolates, fruits, and  unlimited hugs for your daily dose of pleasure. We all know it is more than a stretch of the truth.

This is my personal favorite group for jobs. That is because a large majority of these jobs are other teachers posting for their employers. That tells you right away that the chances of the school actually giving a shit about you, and its students are greatly increased.

Xpats Living and Teaching in Taiwan-  This group offers information from 2866 expats living and teaching in Taiwan, lots of info about things to do, a little bit about jobs, and good for people thinking about coming here. ESL teachers from all over the world. You can find a few useful posts to scrape together some info for your ESL class.

Orseek Jobs- – With teaching salaries generally staying at the same rate of pay for over a decade, any “knuckle-head” with intentions of staying in Taiwan for more than one year will probably face the “What am I doing with my life?” crisis sooner or later. Not to worry, orseek  gives you hope at the end of the whiny children for something more “adult-like” if that’s what you want.

Taipei Craigslist- Don’t forget that Craigslist has more than just a “casual encounters” section. They also have an employment section with random jobs that often pop up. I have seen editing, tutoring jobs, copy editor jobs, and lots of extremely cool shit that you never would know is out there.

Common Sense Warnings!

1. Don’t be a douche, and think “Oh man, this group about living and working in Taiwan would be the perfect place for shameless self-promotion.  The group admins do this all on a volunteer basis. They don’t need to be having to scold grown adults about being appropriate.

I am certain that your blog post about going to the night market and trying delicious foods for the first time is amazingly insightful. This combined with a killer  recap of when you smelled stinky tofu is certainly priceless.  I also have no doubts that your E-book about becoming fluent in Chinese in 45 days or your $2.99 back is fantastic. However, there is a time and a place for that information.

2. Abuse is not tolerated!- Trust me on one thing. Nothing bothers me more than seeing a post from some school that you know is complete shit. And, you see some poor guy in America eating up the bullshit sauce he is being fed by the recruiter. If you have ever worked at a terrible school, you wish you could jump through the screen of your laptop and strangle the little lying recruiter. But, you still have to be professional. They still have a right to advertise on the site. Send a PM to somebody if you feel the need to get them information to help with any decisions.

3. It is a JOB group-  Did you get wasted on Friday night and get a picture of  yourself motor-boating the chunky English chick with the biggest boobs you have seen since being in Asia? That is absolutely fantastic and I would give you a big high-five. Before you make that your profile picture for so long you have forgotten it is there, don’t forget that this is a new world of limited privacy. Now, you are having potential employers looking right at that “head on boob” shot when you tell your epic-sized lies about how professional you are.

Missing Groups

Did I miss one? Remember, this post is only about “job-related stuff.” I am compiling a list of sports related, general life in Taiwan ones,  food related, and writing related groups.

If you are aware of a “JOB-RELATED” Facebook  group, please list a link, and a small description of the group in the comments.  I will keep updating this list.

My only request is DON”T LIE!!! If you run a group that hasn’t posted a job since June, I don’t want to see “The number one job source in Taiwan.”

Just tell the truth, and let us know things are going slow for now.


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