Facebook Groups Related to Writing, Blogging, and Film-Making in Taiwan

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Don't let writing be lonely. Share the joy with others
Don’t let writing be lonely. Share the joy with others.

Taiwan Facebook groups and pages cover  almost every area of interest. The next analysis is on the writing/arts-related groups.

Taiwan Travel Blogs- //www.facebook.com/groups/1384957995088757/ They do a good job keeping it well-organized. It is only one “post of the day,” and it must revolve around traveling. This is more a FB page than group.

Taiwan Comedy Writers- https://www.facebook.com/groups/328055547222234/ Taiwan comedy writers, talking comedy, and upcoming shows. This is also a good spot to connect with people if you are interested in performing in a show.

Taiwan Blogs- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1414585738765230 Bloggers come here to post their blogs and comment and share on others work. An opportunity definitely exists here to all help one another grow each other’s blogs.

Taiwan Writers- https://www.facebook.com/groups/taiwanwriters/ A place for people to promote books, blogs, and some occasional sharing or critiquing of work.

Facebook Center Taipei- Non-profit https://www.facebook.com/TheCenterTaipei  Non-profit group catering towards the needs of foreigners. It’s always a good idea for writers to be around non-profit groups. They always have plenty of worthwhile causes to write about.

Formosan Bloggers- https://www.facebook.com/groups/415017728611273/ Very small group of Taiwan bloggers. Only a handful of posts so far.

Taiwan Filmmakers- https://www.facebook.com/twfilmgroup This is a very active group. Most of the posts are in Chinese. But, they seem to be revolving around a wide variety of industry-related information.

Attention! Did I miss a facebook group for writers that you are aware of? Please drop a comment with the name of the group, the link, and any additional info you know about the group. I will be glad to add it.


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