Bock Like A Chicken

Taiwan Chicken, NOT Spicy Beef!

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By Joshua Dent

I was so proud to walk into a Chinese restaurant tonight with no pictures, English menu, or slurpees. (i.e, 7-11) and have a go at getting some decent Taiwan grub.

I gave the waitress what I felt like a pretty was a very well-spoken statement in Chinese of “I would like the chicken please, and not very spicy.”

This 70 year old bag/waitress proceeded to act like I was speaking fucking Swahili after I gave my order.

After my 4th attempt to repeat myself, I decided to go to the hand gestures.

I gave what I thought were two very easy to understand signals, one for chicken, and one for not spicy.

I even bocked like a chicken when I put my hands under my arms and pretended to flap my imaginary wings.

So, what did the old bag do?

She promptly returned to my table with a plate FULL of some of the SPICIEST, and shittiest BEEF (not chicken) I ever had.

Hats off, Old Lady!

You got me on that one! ha!

Sometimes, it is harder than others to have a sense of humor here. But, you really need it to stay out of trouble sometimes.