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Best Mother’s Day Poem From The Taiwan

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To those of you that have been following along, let me first say that I am flattered that you have taken the time to read some of my adventures here in Taiwan.

Many of these blog updates have been stories of drunken debauchery that include pounding beers at 7-11 until the sun comes up. I have been kind of a drunk asshole since I have been here.

It is not my true nature. I actually am a caring and legitimate human being.

That is why this next story is going to really throw you for a loop.

I debated with myself for a few weeks now if I should write about this next topic in public. But, I thought it was relevant information worth sharing.

Around 10 p.m., on Easter Sunday, I decided to give my mom a call. I had no idea the dramatic news that I was soon about to receive. The phone went right to voice mail that night. I thought nothing of it . I just assumed she was at church.

But, the next day was when I got “the e-mail”  You never want to receive an e-mail addressed from your mother with the subject line of “MOM”  It was obvious somebody had written the message for her.

My heart just about dropped. I thought, Oh shit, what happened? It was from my younger half-brother. I don’t want to go into the specifics of the situation just to protect her privacy.

I will just say that the stress from her own personal life situation built up to a point that she could not handle it anymore. Luckily, nobody was hurt, and she is doing much better now.

It is so sad to me that stress and anxiety related disorders are such a huge part of our life. Much of it seems so unnecessary since it only comes from when our mind projects back into the past, or predicts a horrendous outcome of the future.

If we can all learn to stay in each moment, Zantex and Valeum would go out of business so fast. It is not an easy task for sure.

But, I decided right away for some reason to write a poem. I had never written a poem in my life.  I was feeling uncontrollably inspired.

I will warn you that it is kind of a tear jerker from what I have been told so far.

As I began this world, I always had a smile
As I began this world, I barely had a cry
From Filetown Road to Blue Ridge Drive,
I always had a hand, I always had a hug,
I always had a shoulder, I always had Tecmo Bowl,
baseball mits, and front row seats to Padres games
But, the rock behind all of this
was not, the goodies, or the games
It was not the love quarrels with the bro or the sis,
It was the lady named, Mrs. Dent ( like a Dent in the car)
As time moved on, sadly we grew apart in physical, and in spirit
But, I always knew that would change
That would twist, and that would turn
Not until the baby Rock learned to speak like a man,
Did we unite again fully in spirit,
The Baby Josh learned that the past is the past
And no need to look behind
Nor ahead
We only have right now
My origins come from a tiny corn field
and one acre lot in Bushkill, PA
I have trotted the globe, and back,
And now, I trot again
As “I’m sitting here In Taiwan”
as my not so -famous song goes
If I could have one wish granted for the rest of my life
What would it be?
It is something I want EVEN more than the Redskins
to win a Super Bowl
Are you ready for this??
Mine would be for you to firmly know, accept, believe and see-
It goes no further than that
Nothing else matters

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