Facebook Groups About Living in Taiwan

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By Joshua Dent

Thanks so much for following these lists of information. Here is another list of groups generously lumped into one category “Living in Taiwan Stuff.”

Taiwan Travelers- https://www.facebook.com/groups/282795421812482/  A great place to find a travel buddy, share stories, etc.

Langveler= Language + Traveler- https://www.facebook.com/groups/524620774283509/  A new group formed with the aim of sharing different languages, and traveling.

Taipei Potluck- https://www.facebook.com/groups/taipeipotluck – This is a one stop shop for all of the info you need about the monthly potluck at Da’An park. The potluck is 6 years old now. It was even featured in Lonely Planet magazine.

Guanxi Mag – https://www.facebook.com/groups/206686419350784/  general info about life in Taichung

Taipei Buy Sell Trade- https://www.facebook.com/groups/taipeibuyselltrade/ – 9788 members doing exactly what it says, buying, selling, and trading stuff in Taiwan.

Foreign Expats in Taouyuan- https://www.facebook.com/groups/135075213352793/  Group has been slow to get off the ground. It has about 50-75 members. But, there hasn’t really been any organized activities.

Taiwanease- https://www.facebook.com/groups/taiwaneasians/ This group is pretty well done for getting more information than just promotional interests.

Foreigners in Taiwan- https://www.facebook.com/groups/29399609213/ This group has a wide range of info including blog posts, tips on writing Chinese, and many upcoming events.

Drinks in Taipei- https://www.facebook.com/groups/341081145979282/ A large group with a mission of having a  1) tight knit group of friends, 2) happy hours, 3) weekend trips out of Taipei, and 4) and meeting people from different walks of life abroad.

I hope this helps!


“Could you be pissed off in Paradise?”

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By Joshua Dent

I realized the real challenge in life is not creating the life you want. But, it is maintaining the highest level of acceptance, gratitude, and motivation for the live “you have.”

Every person I have ever met that is associated with the “Dent Family Tree” wants to live on an island. This never comes more apparent than during the winter.

This ideological idea was never  more firmly implanted in my head forever roughly 10 years ago. I hadn’t  seen my older brother Ryan in probably 3 years.

He had been in San Diego, and he came out of the back room of his tiny beach-side two bedroom apartment with bleached blonde dreadlocks down to his ass practically, blasting Costa Rican reggae music.

I was quite confused to his absurd excitement of the fact that he just took a nap.

And after he popped his mouth with red vines, he proceeded to vividly detail how he is going to live in Costa Rica next year.

This was no different than any other Dent family interaction. We have always had this exact same dream of simplicity and eternal happiness.

The Dent family consists of an eclectic mix of CEO’s of SEO startups, independently wealthy businessmen, and even people that made a career as an athletic trainer in MLB, and I discovered yesterday that I had achieved what EVERY one of them would probably kill for.

I was walking into work on a Tuesday afternoon wearing a bathing suit, and flip flops on an 80 degree January afternoon on a tropical island to play sticky ball with 9 year olds, and sing songs about “stinky tofu.” It couldn’t POSSIBLY get any easier.

So, when I realized I actively had the balls to surpass what every single person in our family proclaimed to truly want and I was still having these nagging feelings of darkness and solitude.  I conceptualized that anybody can dream up a life that they feel they want.

The challenge and the fun comes once “you’re there,” by continuing to elevate yourself in every area.Image

All I Wanted Was Not SPICY Chicken!!

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Got a good story from my Senior High School class the other day.

These kids are always curious to hear about their teacher’s lives. So, I decided to tell them the story about the first time I ordered from an “All-Chinese” menu..

It was one of the most well-executed stories I ever told.

I somehow managed to catch their attention very quickly. And, the story was building towards its thrilling climax at just the right pace.

That was when I decided to stand up on the chair in front of my desk to finish off the ending to this story.

While standing in the front of the room on top of a 3 foot high chair, I happened to notice my boss walking into the room for the first time since I started teaching there.

With all 42 pairs of eyes locked in on me standing on top of this chair, there was really point in holding back now that the “boss man” was there.

I also don’t have the ability to ask him what he wants and get right back into “game mode.”

The catch is that this was the part of the story that you ABSOLUTELY would not want somebody to only hear this part.

I had already told them them I was really struggling to order my “not SPICY chicken” in Chinese and I was getting quite angry.

With the boss man looking, that was when I offered up a very animated version of how I acted out the word chicken by flapping my arms like wings and chanting “Bak Bak Bak, CHICKEN!!”

Considering all 42 kids were laughing hysterically, I decided to go with another round of even louder and more obnoxious “bak bak bak’s.”

Let’s not also forget that my face was already natural bright-red from last weekend’s sunburn, and I am notoriously known for a vein the size of an apple popping out of my forehead when I am excited.

I really just did not even care that he was standing 10 feet away from me and I am supposed to “act normal” as the teacher.

My boss, John, is one of the nicest people I have met in Taiwan. He just pretended like it didn’t even happen.

I mean, really, what could you say?? ha ha…