Most Interesting Job of The Week

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By Joshua Dent

Life After Sticky Ball
Life After Sticky Ball

Most Interesting Taiwan Job of The Week!

We all need hope that there is LIFE AFTER STICKY BALL!

An interesting analysis about the first job to make the job of the week cut.

The ad was actually removed from Craigslist as I was writing the article. It is still useful to know what opportunities are out there.

It was for a client relations specialist for Resume Companion LLC, in the Da An district in Taipei.


  1. Three weeks of paid vacation– Most buxibans would pretty much murder you before you get a few weeks of paid vacation.
  2. Company Lunches– Free grub! Enough said.
  3. 3.       No Saturdays and No Evenings- Working on Saturday is a fact of life in “The Taiwan.” It SUCKS!!
  4. 4.      Useful Skills to Learn- Resume writing, SEO optimization, and Social Media Marketing are all great skills to learn.



1.“If accepted for the position, you must pass the CPRW exam prior to your start date.”  I am leery of anybody who wants me to do work for them before I even start. Why is that not a part of paid training?

2.  “ Being a client success advocate.”– This line reeks of you better come ready to slurp down the “Company Kool-Aid.”

3.  “Compensation 0-99,000 NTD-” It makes me think it is a commission only position

4.   “Don’t apply if you are not 110% dedicated to your career.”-  I would be cautious that this means round the clock unpaid mandatory overtime.



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