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The River of Lost Souls

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How many times have you dreamed of an epic soul-searching mission winding through valleys, mountains, and coast-lines throughout the magnificent USA? I dream of the same by car, bicycle, and even by foot more times than any man could imagine.

Any Hunter S. Thompson, or Jack Kerouac fan will tell you that the land of Colorado offers no greater place to let your soul run wild and care-free like a child.

After one of the more dreadful weeks in Phoenix, AZ, summer histories that I could remember, I found myself gasping for any sort of rejuvenation in the game of life. Four consecutive days of the 115 plus temperature range was the cutting edge in leading me to a new path.

This was a path that was full of risks and uncertainties. But, I realized the biggest loss for me personally was to continue not exploring what existed outside my own bubble of comfort that I had worked so hard to create since 2001 in Phoenix.

This is a brief, unedited, and truly magnificent moments as I was in a foggy-minded haze of glory on Sunday morning in Durango.

The writing takes quick and abrupt left turns many times in a short period of time. It becomes evident quickly that even though I had technically slept a few hours. I am certain I was still really wasted.

But, it did leave me with a powerful sting of excitement for the rest of my trip

Josh’s Journal 8:55 a.m.

As I sit here down by the river in my bare feet and lacking a shower for the last 3 days, I realized that maybe this is not a soul-finding mission. Maybe, it’s creation of the power that there is nothing to find. Think about the greatest marketing campaign of all time. “It was just do it.” There was nothing deep or hypothetical about that. One of the greatest acceptances or awakenings any man could have is in regards to their body. I spent the last 3 years just slaving away trying to find the perfect condition. Oh Shit, I literally think I saw one of the hottest girls I have ever seen in my life here in Durango, CO, on this absolutely blue-sky and perfect temperature morning in Colorado. I just can’t efing do another Phoenix summer. It cripples and suffocates my entire soul. I am hung over as shit. Time to take a nap!

You Have What You Need


I had not a clue or care in the world what river I was sitting in front of. I knew it was absolutely beautiful to look at.

After being deadened by the unbearable temperatures in Phoenix that week, I needed no further excuse of inspiration than reasonable temperatures and running water to let me sit and become as present as possible to my surroundings.

Eight months later when I later looked up the information of my setting and backdrop, an ironic discovery was made. I was sitting in front of one of the most famous and historic rivers of the beautiful Southwest.

The Animas River is the name that traces the trail of the river bed on a US map. But, it does have a short name of “The River of Lost Souls”

Before that particular moment of clarity, I was feeling as lost as they come. I left my house on a one week vacation without even packing a bag. My frustration level with life’s situations could not have possibly been any higher. I flipped a coin when I got to Flagstafff, AZ, on whether I was going to San Francisco or Colorado. Granted, I did do best out of 7 to make sure I got to go to Colorado. But, I am certain you can see my point.

But, I am truly fortunate and thankful for the power that my pen and paper have given me since I started writing again in 2011. I had an amazing realization on this morning. I stated that there is nothing more powerful in this world that there is nothing to find. I could wander the planet for years searching for the right place, and the right time. But, the River of Lost Souls helped remind me that I have everything I do need.