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Dear World, From Wild Man(Via Taiwan)

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I invite you to take a brief moment and think of some of your favorite writers or musicians. Are any of them “normal” ?.  Probably not, huh??

I would also imagine that drugs and alcohol had a huge part of their writing style.

This next work was no different for me. It was written around the time of my first Chinese New Year celebration in Taiwan.

I had spent the previous 4 nights getting absolutely annihilated on some of the cheapest booze Taiwan has too offer.

One of the nights even included a $500NT= 17.50 US dollars all you can drink party at a cheesy night club where I was the toughest guy there at 165lbs.

Let’s just say I got my money’s worth.

I am not always proud of how much I drink. And, I actually had to be woken up at The Armory (a local bar) , in Tainan at 7am as I was sleeping outside in the grass.

But, there really is something magical about how in touch you get with your soul after some HEAVY drinking.

You are ready to conquer the world until the booze wears off and the 3 day hangover sets in.

Then, you just normally decide to go back to work and deal with the same shit you have been dealing with for the last 10 years, just in a different country.

A Post Card from Me to The World- Come To Taiwan

Hello Mother, Hello Father, Hello World

Here I am in Camp Taiwan. And yes, I have realized by now my middle name is not WUH .. ha!(Joshua)

As I sit outside the 7-11, on the NE corner of Dongping Road, and Zhuanjing Road, (what, America, those streets are not familiar?? ha ha)

I am avidly chomping away on bag #2 of Bamboo crackers. If you are wondering what bamboo crackers are, they are like a mixture of Asian chips and graham crackers all in a delicious white and green $18NT bag that I can not get enough of.

 It is roughly 3 in the afternoon and I have not been awake for more than 20 minutes to be honest. My eyes are redder than a lobster, And, I am absolutely HAMMERED still from last night.

I am wearing a pair of beat up khaki shorts, and my “Keep it Green” shirt that I wore to the 2008 Rocky Point Volleyball championships if that gives you an idea of the condition I am in right now.

I still have a mix of Chinese, and Spanish in my head from the Latino party I went to the night before. If Josh Dent, mixing it up at a Latino party in Taiwan doesn’t say unique to you, I am not sure what does

To go one deeper, this partying was going via a mutual friend from the Mansfield University. Considering this is coming from Taiwan, I would have use the cliche What a small world!

I just spent 4 REALLY fun days here in Tainan partying my ass off and just having a genuinely great time with life.

The heart of not only the Taiwan person, but the Asian people, will be proven to you day after day if you ever decide to come to Taiwan. Yesterday, we were on the beach drinking tequila with 9 of the most random Indonesian people  you would ever see in your life.

But, the cultural gap, language gap, and any other differences all get brushed aside when people are out to have a really good time. We spent hours getting wasted while playing guitar, and singing away any Indonesian song you could think of.

Taiwan is absolutely fantastic, and I really hope that one day you decide to come. It will open your heart and soul to a new way of existence.